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The podcast episodes explore discussions around education, educational technology, innovation and work.  Through the amazing work of educators, students, professionals and creatives, their stories will be told and shared.

 Current Episode

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Episode 20: “A Sputnik Moment for Civic Education”

Shawn talks with Mary Ellen Daneels about transforming Civic Education.

Across the country, there is a renewed focus on laws and practices to promote quality civic education, geared toward preparing our students with the skills they need to be active participants in a democracy, who are able to access and insert themselves into the democratic decision making process.

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Past Episodes

SWBT Episode 19 (1).png

Episode 19: Making PBL work with Andrew Miller

Shawn Talks with PBL Expert Andrew Miller. Some changes take more than just making a new lesson or building a new unit. These changes can require a whole new mindset or in some cases building a new classroom culture. Project based Learning is one of these changes. Andrew Miller has been sharing his PBL expertise around the world and stops by today to discuss “Making PBL Work”

SWBT Episode 18.png

Episode 18: Monica Burns- Task Before Apps

There is more to educational technology than having the tools and telling students to use them. Being thoughtful about the tasks we have students complete and the proper tools to help them express their learning. Monica Burns shares her expertise on how to prioritize learning and put “Tasks Before Apps.”

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Episode 17: David Lee

Design Thinking - Culture, Mindset & Technology

In episode 17, Greg sat down with David Lee to discuss all things Design Thinking in Education. Shifting beyond the process itself, to the importance of developing culture and mindset, David provides helpful insight into the impact of Design Thinking in education.

Follow David’s work on his website, or connect with him on social: Instagram, Twitter. Check out David’s book, Design Thinking in the Classroom.

SWBT Episode 16 (1).png

Episode 16: Haley Shoaf - Coding in the New World of Work

Episode 15.png

Episode 15: Shawn & Greg Live from the EdTechTeacher Summit Boston

Episode 14.png

Episode 14: Digital Citizenship - with Shawn and Greg

SWBT Episode 13.png

Episode 13: One Child’s Mission for Personalized Learning

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Episode 12: The Values Driving Change in EdTech - with Eric Patnoudes

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Episode 11: Modern Schools and Learning - with Will Richardson

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Episode 10: The Teaching Machine - with Audrey Watters

SWBT Episode 7 - Taylor.png

Episode 9: The New World of Work, Social media and the Modern Work Force - with Taylor Hyslop

SWBT Episode 8.png

Episode 8: Multimodal Literacy and Deep Learning - with Shaelynn Farnsworth

SWBT Podcast 7.png

Episode 7: The Science of School Improvement - with Dr. Beth Holland

SWBT Podcast 6.png

Episode 6: Literacy, Citizenship and the Socialization of Gaming - with Kerry Gallagher

SWBT Podcast 5.png

Episode 5: The Why Behind Makerspace - with Laura Fleming

Episode 4 Graphic.png

Episode 4: Building a School for the Future - with Martin Moran making a Haiku, that would describe your favorite film._.png

Episode 3: Remix in Education - with Amy Burvall

Episode 2 Graphic.png

Episode 2: Computer Science Coding and Learning - with Douglass Kiang

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Bonus Episode 2A: AppSmashing & Embed Codes - with Dan Kemp of Book Creator


Episode 1: Creativity -with Michael Cohen

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Podcast Teaser: Shawn and Greg on Why….?