So We've Been Thinking is an EdTechTeacher Innovation Project that will document and tell the stories of Shawn McCusker & Greg Kulowiec as they explore the world of education, technology, innovation & work.  Through our writing, podcasts and social media we hope to tell the stories that needs to be heard to grow the conversation about education, technology & innovation in schools. 



Our stories will be captured and retold through our writing.  In workshops with educators, discussion with educational thought leaders and interviews in the owners and leaders in the world of business.



Stories told through voice are exceptionally powerful.  Through impromptu discussion, formal podcast episodes and audio captured in the field, our stories will be documented & shared.




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“Out of intense complexities, intense simplicities emerge.”
— Winston Churchill
And I think if your concept of school is what school is as you’ve seen it in the past, well what else would you do with the computer except put it in there? But why is there no discussion about whether school could be very different, and how different it could be?
— Seymour Papert
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